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With Murfy in tow, it’s still a daunting game to beat with bosses ready to attack and beasts such as sea monsters, giggling goblins, and luchadores on the prowl.

Those wild levels in each world will deliver some head scratching too as finding all of the secrets of each level and most efficient routes to escape danger will have players revisiting the areas.

For example, with a wall of fire chasing me in a castle, how do I manage to get Murfy to cut a rope to drop a caged Teensie in my path to break him free from his bondage while still jumping across a chasm?

While underwater, how do I avoid the light pattern of laser blasting sentries protecting caverns as I scavenge for lums and seek the last distressed Teensie.

When climbing a reasonable facile of Mount Olympus in the clouds, how can I escape the peril of a giant finger from the gods unleashing bolts at me, sizzling swords swooping down to block my path and horned imps floating on shields shooting fireballs?

I’ll mention the absurdly cartoony violence only to note the massive amounts of eye poking, smacking and gassy termination of foes. The incessant cries of “help me’ from the Teensies may fluster the more mild-mannered youngster.

Also, when Rayman’s and his pals’ health is depleted, their demise is amusing rather than morose as they blow up like a balloon and pop.

Additional content at the main hub includes access to daily and weekly mini-games, a peek at a collection of unlocked creatures that generate extra lums every day and access to a goofy but worthy multiplayer mini-game called Kung Foot that will even make the soccer purist smile through it frenetic play

It’s further worth noting that players collecting enough lums each level also unlock lucky tickets that, once scratched off, can reward them with more lums, creatures and, get this, levels from the 2011 Rayman Origins.

Overall, Rayman Legends is a satisfying, looney work of art, complex enough for the older side-scroller fan to appreciate and absurdly silly and addictive enough for any younger gamer in the family.