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“The TechPAC board of trustees concluded that Ken Cuccinelli’s experience in Virginia government, command of the issues, and knowledge of key technology priorities will serve him well as governor in working to ensure the Commonwealth remains a competitive and innovative global technology center,” said Dendy Young, TechPAC Chairman and CEO of McLean Capital LLC.

The Technology Council itself said Monday that it would not be endorsing a candidate in the race, and that TechPAC’s endorsement “may not itself reflect the views” of the council’s membership.

In his remarks Monday, Mr. Cuccinelli accused Mr. McAuliffe of trying to “bully” the council into not giving him the endorsement. Mr. McAuliffe has argued throughout the campaign that Mr. Cuccinelli’s positions on such social issues as abortion and gay marriage would drive businesses out of the state.

Mr. Cuccinelli said the endorsement ensures that such a “false theme” is “wiped out.”

“It’s wiped out. It’s completely gutted,” he told reporters after the luncheon. “It was never true in the first place, and now people who don’t get to spend hours with me and hours with Terry McAuliffe, digging into us and asking questions, look to an organization that is not Republican, Democrat, independent or any of the other things but that did spend that time, that came out on a substantive basis for the candidate who was better prepared to answer questions to deal with policy issues, even where we didn’t all agree, than the other candidate, and that was me. And that’s what I think should matter to voters is the real meat of this and the reason for this endorsement. Not merely the fact of it but the reasons for it.”

Mr. Cuccinelli also seized on comments from Mr. McAuliffe that he will not sign a budget unless it includes an expansion of Medicaid that is part of Obamacare, saying during his remarks that the Democrat is “prepared to shut down Virginia government” to expand the health care program for the poor, elderly and disabled.

A spokesman for Mr. McAuliffe’s campaign said that Medicaid expansion is a top priority and that he hopes to work in a bipartisan manner to get it done.

Ken Cuccinelli is once again trying to change the subject from his long record of putting his extreme agenda ahead of what is best for Virginians,” spokesman Josh Schwerin said.

Mr. McAuliffe is expected to score a key endorsement Tuesday when the Republican mayor of Virginia Beach, the state’s largest city, officially throws his support to the Democrat.