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“It is what it is. It’s life lessons, and we did try to talk about it in the team meeting,” he said. “It’s an opportunity to teach and talk to kids about things that will hit them in life that’s not real fair, no matter how you cut it. But you’ve got to deal with `em.”

As tough as the last few days have been, Groy got the message.

“We knew it wasn’t fair for us,” he said. “It’s over. We can’t control it. We can’t fly back there and kick a field goal. We’ve got to get over it and move on.”

The bad ending also won’t deter Wisconsin from considering going on the road for another Pac-12 game either, Andersen said.

He declared the light practice Monday as clean and crisp. “We’re excited about the opportunity to move on to Big Ten play,” he said.

Oh yeah, the next game. Purdue visits Camp Randall Stadium on Saturday in the Big Ten opener.


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