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Instead, contractors were vetted using only publicly available information and databases, investigators found.

However, a Navy official said on background that any flaws in the commercial access control system were unrelated to Alexis‘ ability to access the Navy Yard. Alexis had been issued with a common access card, which allows holders access to military facilities regardless of branch of service.

“The report looks at NCACS. This guy didn’t have an NCACS card,” the Navy official said.

The inspector general’s report blames system’s flaws on the Navy’s desire to save money, saying it “minimized costs to perform contractor credentialing and vetting.”

NCACS is a servicewide system designed to issue and check credentials for contractors and others who need regular access to naval facilities but who are not entitled to a common access card.

A spokesman for Mr. Turner of the House Committee on Armed Services said the congressman met with officials from the inspector general's office to discuss the report’s findings, and is writing a letter to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus encouraging the service to implement all the report’s suggestions.

Phillip Swarts and Kristina Wong contributed to this report.