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Between dodging buses and bicycles on the city streets, and running to catch the last, crowded Metro train, life in the city can often make you feel like a circus performer (or like you wish you could cartwheel over the traffic). On Thursday, the Big Apple Circus, New York City’s original one-ring circus, will premiere its newest show “Luminocity,” which celebrates life in the big city. With every seat in the tent no more than 50 feet from the ring, you’ll get up close and personal with acrobatic executives and construction workers, juggling food cart vendors and a dog walker whose dogs do incredible tricks, plus all the traditional circus performers including clowns, trapeze artists and tightrope walkers. Through Oct. 14 at the Dulles Town Center, 45630 Dulles Center Blvd., Sterling, Va. 888/541-3750. Web: