- - Friday, September 20, 2013


The revelation that President Obama is waiving Sections 40 and 40A of the Arms Export Control Act has to be the most outrageous abuse of presidential authority I have seen in my lifetime. The so-called “vetted” fighters of Syria are seamlessly integrated with our avowed enemy, al Qaeda, and its affiliated terrorist groups fighting on the opposition side in the Syrian civil war.

After 12 years of fighting these evil individuals in a war that has killed or maimed so many Americans and eaten up more than $1 trillion, we are witnessing an American government aiding and abetting this very enemy by providing it with material support. This failure to defend the Constitution against enemies is a criminal conspiracy at the highest level.

As a retired naval officer I will never encourage my brothers under arms to desert from their sworn obligation to defend this nation. If they were to lay down their arms and walk away, however, I would certainly understand why. We cannot arm our enemies only to have them return — in the form of attacks on Americans — the bullets, bombs and missiles we have given them. We know what happened in Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan when we turned a blind eye.

Congress needs to stop this madness now and withhold all foreign aid, even allowing the government to shut down to prohibit the giving of even one penny of American taxpayer money to support terrorists.


Virginia Beach