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Mr. Obama said the health care law, for which open enrollment in new state-based insurance “exchanges” begins Oct. 1, “has nothing to do with the budget.” And he asked the public to pressure lawmakers to vote for “common-sense” solutions.

“You should expect some compassion,” Mr. Obama told the factory workers. “You should expect some compromise. You should expect the conviction of leaders who wake up and go to work every day not to tear something down, but to build something better.”

Sen. Roy Blunt, Missouri Republican, criticized the president’s latest “pivot” back to the economy.

“Our country needs more than campaign-style speeches and ‘pivots’ from the president if we’re going to jump-start private sector job creation,” Mr. Blunt said. “Five years in office, and four years after the recession ended, most American families and businesses are still struggling thanks to this administration’s failed economic policies. We need to work together to pass common-sense solutions that encourage job growth — starting with the permanent delay of ObamaCare and more American energy.”