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“I’m not good at math, but I’m good enough to know that losing makes it tougher,” said Zimmerman. “But you’ve just got to keep playing and see what happens. We put ourselves in this situation.”

“We had to win pretty much every game going forward,” said Haren. “Which is really just a matter of the hole we dug ourselves. We didn’t play good baseball. I don’t want to speak for the team, I know the team has struggled. But I obviously struggled at the beginning of the year. I was a part of the reason we were down so many games.

“But I think the most important thing is to keep this group together,” Haren said, acknowledging that his departure could likely be one of few changes. “This could be a building block. … We showed a lot of fight here these last few months, and I think as close as things can stay to the guys in this room, I think, the better.”

The Marlins’ first win in D.C. this season was a dagger to the Nationals’ hopes and their season-opening sweep of Miami seemed so long ago.

Earlier in the day, at the end of the ceremony honoring him and as the crowd rose to its feet to shower him with cheers, Johnson doffed his cap and bowed four times to different sections of the ballpark. Then he disappeared into the dugout.

“This is not goodbye,” Rizzo said in the video honoring Johnson. “Next season we’ll continue what we started. “I imagine we’ll call you ‘senior adviser to the general manager,’ emphasis on senior.”