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Some good folks in California are fighting back. They have organized a group called the Privacy for All Students coalition (visit the website at: and have filed a referendum seeking to give voters the right to reject the transgender legislation.

The transgender law takes effect Jan. 1, but if the referendum petition collects enough signatures (a half-million signatures must be collected by Nov. 12), then the law will be suspended until the voters will have a chance to decide its fate.

What can you do? If you live in California, sign the referendum petition at But don’t stop there. Send this column (or links to the petition) to five of your friends and ask them to sign NOW. Make a sacrificial donation — $10, $100, $1,000 — to support this effort.

Even if you don’t live in California, you can help. You, too, can send this column or a link to the referendum drive to California friends and relatives. Tell them you stand with them and encourage them to sign the referendum petition, demanding that Californians be allowed to have a voice in this matter.

Give California families a chance to have their say. It takes just 30 seconds to sign a petition. Our children are worth it.

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