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That’s a coverage technique the Redskins used a good bit Sunday, one that leaves a cornerback in single coverage and a lone safety deep.

“We love it,” Johnson said of facing such a coverage, “especially the way they were playing. They gave us a lot of single-high, and often times the safety was leaning, but we were still able to get a lot of single high.”

The Lions had three pass plays of 33 or more yards. Johnson had seven receptions for 115 yards, Nate Burleson had six for 116. Back Joique Bell chipped in with 69 yards on four catches.

Whatever Washington was doing, Detroit figured it out.

So the lingering question is will Washington be able to fix the defense? Are the Redskins scheming incorrectly or are they just not good enough? There aren’t injury problems on that side, though lineman Jarvis Jenkins and linebacker Rob Jackson still have a game to go on their four-game suspensions.

Is it time, or past time, for the Redskins to consider replacing defensive coordinator Jim Haslett?

Quarterbacks every bit as good as those they’ve faced are ahead — a lot of them. Peyton Manning is on the schedule, as is his brother Eli (twice). Matt Ryan, Vick again. Colin Kaepernick. Philip Rivers.

The 2012 New Orleans Saints allowed a record 7,042 yards in a 16-game season in 2012. Washington is on pace to beat that by almost 800 yards with the toughest part of the schedule still to come.

“We have to look in the mirror and be tough on ourselves,” cornerback Hall said. “We have to get off the field when we need to. We have to tackle, and we have to do a lot of things better.”