- The Washington Times - Sunday, September 22, 2013

“Anti government ideologues,” “wolf in wolf’s clothing,” “legislative arsonists,” “totally irresponsible, completely juvenile,” “destructive.”

And so goes House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s assorted descriptions of some Republicans or Republican activities, uttered by the California Democrat in a single interview with CNN on Sunday.

Diminished civility and aggression may be part of the latest White House marching orders as House Republicans wrangle over the Affordable Care Act and government funding.

It is all hands on deck for the Democrats. But as any pollster will reveal, voters are weary of partisan divides, legislative gridlock and strategic sniping. Now may not be the time for the Republicans to embrace or escalate such tactics, which can ultimately prove repugnant to Americans seeking more from their leaders.

The Grand Old Party might simply brace for impact, then respond as the adults in the room — with backbone, reason, measured tones and a clear plan.

The din grows, though. Organizing for Action, the grass-roots activist group that grew out of the Obama 2012 campaign, is already upping the ante, noting in a new fundraising outreach, “Instead of being a leader who finds common ground, House Speaker John Boehner has put the people with the crazy plan in charge. He’s basically daring you to fight back.”

President Obama himself struck a potentially unpresidential tone during a visit to a Missouri auto plant Friday. He was mighty vexed with House Republicans after they voted to keep the federal government open while defunding the health care law.

“They’re not focused on you. They’re focused on politics. They’re focused on trying to mess with me,” he told his audience, also noting that the GOP was “holding the whole country hostage.”


Note to MacDonald’s, Burger King, et al: the Chinese beat you to it.

After three years of research, Beyondte — a manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China — has perfected a vending machine selling hot french fries quick-cooked in either vegetable oil or “beef fat,” with three different sauce options. The fries are ready in 90 seconds; the cost is around $3.50.

Introduced in August, the device is already popping up in Belgium, Croatia, Iran and Chile.

“The company is looking for big venture capital to deploy their global strategy,” spokesman Jiang Junping says.

And one other moment to consider: the Wanda Group, a Qingdao-based group that bought the AMC theater franchise last year, announced an $8.2 billion film investment plan Saturday that’s meant to make China’s movie industry the largest on the planet in five years.

Among the many luminaries on hand in northeast China for the announcement: Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman, John Travolta, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Harvey Weinstein, “there to show moral support,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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