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The score for the musical “Spamalot” includes a catchy tune called Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. The men are lost deep in the forest. All hope appears to be gone. There has to be a little something good, right?

Of course.

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So while humming the soundtrack to “Spamalot,” let’s dig through the rubble of the Redskins’ 0-3 start and find some bright sides. There has to be something, right?

RG3 is not taking unnecessary hits.

So what if he didn’t hold onto the ball as he face-planted at the end of a long run in the fourth quarter in the 27-20 loss to the Lions on Sunday? That he went down, on his own, is encouraging. He has a twice-repaired knee to protect and one of the themes of the offseason was whether RG3 could overcome his instincts and realize when it is time to go down.

Several times earlier in the game, he went out of bounds before taking a hit. That’s a good thing.

On the run in question, RG3 looked briefly like the RG3 of 2012 and not like the RG0-3 we’ve seen much of this season.

He recognized an opening and took off. The play started at midfield and RG3 picked up 21 yards. He realized the end was near and went down. The tumble was a little ungraceful and the ball came loose. Some of the Nationals need to head to Redskins Park and teach him a good, reliable feet-first slide.

The rules say you can’t stop the play going face-first. RG3 hadn’t been touched. He could have gotten up and continued running. Maybe the rules ought to allow for what RG3 did, but they don’t and you can’t change the rules in the fourth quarter of a game in the third week of the season.

The ball came out, the Lions recovered and they zipped down the field and tacked on a field goal.

But this isn’t about those negative types of things like fumbles and bad defense.

This is all about the bright side.

RG3 didn’t take an unnecessary hit.

Did you see the ball RG3 threw that Aldrick Robinson did not catch for a 57-yard, fourth-quarter touchdown?

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