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Their choices, of course, run counter to the Democratic Party with President Obama as its titular head and its union-backed loyalist leading his way. So, they want the full weight of the federal government to find fault(s) with vouchers from poor families — the very families whose children, as Mr. Cantor said, should have the same academic opportunities as wealthy families.

By breathing new life into the school-choice movement, Mr. Cantor also opened wide the door for advocates of choice to begin gearing up for the next education battlefront — congressional reauthorization of education funding.

The fight over school funding shouldn’t be about which school gets the most money or which schools have the healthiest food choices — distractions like that focus on public school facilities instead of public school children.

So listen up, school choice advocates, because now is the time for all good activists to come to the aid of our children.

“Let me be clear,” Mr. Cantor said. “School choice is not an attack or an indictment on teachers or public schools.”

And that’s the truth — even though the folks beholden to the status quo won’t admit it.

Mr. Cantor, God love him, also said this: “The next time Congress considers a major education reauthorization, I believe we will adopt full school choice.”

Let’s keep Mr. Cantor at his word.

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