- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The following is a transcript of Wednesday’s Virginia gubernatorial debate between Republican Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II and Democrat Terry McAuliffe, which was moderated by Chuck Todd of NBC News. The transcript was provided by the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, the sponsor of the event.

19:02:39:00: Mr. McAuliffe, by virtue of an earlier coin toss, you will go first with your two minute opening statement. Go ahead.

19:02:45:00: Well, thank you, Chuck. And thank you to the Fairfax Chamber for hostin’ us tonight and to all Virginians, who are watching at home. And I would like to recognize my wife Dorothy who is here with me tonight. For the last two decades, we have been raising our five children here in Fairfax County. The choice in this race is simple, which candidate is going to govern from the mainstream, work with both parties, and focus on those economic issues that Virginians are concerned about.

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19:03:13:00: During this campaign, I have proposed commonsense solutions on issues of education, transportation, and workforce development. I’ve also been proud to earn the support of so many prominent Republicans, many of whom have never supported a Democrat before. The bipartisan coalition that we have assembled during this campaign reflects the approach that I would take as governor, following in the successful model of Mark Warner.

19:03:41:00: Just a few weeks ago, my opponent changed his campaign staff and his tactics. Probably because he was concerned that a number of Republicans were no longer supporting his campaign. The result has been a sharp increase in the most personal of attacks. They’ve been called deceitful and false by the press.

19:04:00:00: So I expect more of those kinds of attacks tonight. But what Virginians do expect from us is to hear how we are going to bring folks together in Richmond. With the Department of Defense drawing down its overall spending and now with the sequestration, the next governor will face serious economic headwinds. We cannot afford the next four years in Richmond to be like the last four in Washington.

19:04:26:00: Gridlock, driven by the Tea Party, is once again risking a government shutdown that would be devastating to the Virginia economy. In Virginia, we have a strong record of working together, Democrats and Republicans. And with the challenges that lie ahead, we must embrace the tradition of mainstream solutions. We need those solutions now more than ever.

19:04:50:00: Thank you.

19:04:51:00: And that is what I look forward to talking with you tonight.

19:04:53:00: Thank — thank you, Mr. McAuliffe. Mr. Cuccinelli, your opening statement.

19:04:56:00: Well, I want to thank the Chamber and NBC 4 for hosting us today, Chuck and the panel for their participation, and Terry for being here, as well. It’s nice to be right near in the backyard of where I grew up. I’m the only candidate in this race with a lifetime of fighting for Virginians, whether it’s preventing sexual assault, helping the homeless, or working to help those suffering from mental illness, a passion of mine for more than a decade and a half.

19:05:23:00: I’ve also served in state government for over 10 years. And I know how it works. I’m the only candidate in this race who won’t need on-the-job training if you elect me your governor this year. In this campaign, my opponent has spent a lot of time telling you why you shouldn’t vote for me for governor, but not much time welling — telling you why you should vote for him.

19:05:44:00: You may not always agree with me in this race, but you’ll always know where I stand and why I hold the positions that I do. When it comes to economic competitiveness, job creation, and higher education, I know we can all work together to make Virginia a better place to live with lasting results. But it takes a governor who will fight for those issues and not for their own self-interest.

19:06:09:00: Where does my fight come from? Well, my Italian grandfather didn’t have more than a sixth grade education. He was one of the toughest, hardest-working folks I’ve ever known, whether it was as a welder or in a scrapyard where he worked for years, or as a bare knuckle boxer during The Depression, probably his toughest job of all. He was proud to work to support his family.

19:06:31:00: And today, ordinary folks all over Virginia, like my grandfather, want nothing more than to share in the dignity of work. And I have a plan that’ll create 58,000 new jobs here in Virginia. Creating jobs, fighting for the middleclass, and fighting for a good education in our children are priorities of my campaign and will be for my governorship. I’ve proposed detailed policy ideas for each. And I’ll begin on day one fighting to put those ideas into action —

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