- The Washington Times - Thursday, September 26, 2013

The newest version of the $100 bill, unveiled this week, may be glitzier, shinier and high-tech — but it’s still worth $100.

And yet, it costs more to produce, The Associated Press reported.

It’s due to circulate on Oct. 8. The new look includes a color-changing ink well, a 3-D security ribbon and additional texture on Benjamin Franklin’s collar, AP reported. The new version also adds part of the Declaration of Independence and an image of a quill — next to the color-changing ink well.

The changes will help to root out fakes without resorting to a blacklight, said Michael Lambert, a deputy associate editor at the Federal Reserve.

“We try and find security features that can be used at a number of different levels, from more experienced cash handlers … down to the person on the street who really needs to know the security features so they can protect themselves,” he said, in the AP report.

Each new version of the $100 costs 4 cents more to make than the old version, Mr. Lambert said.



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