Bill Clinton touts Chelsea, not Hillary, as better president in long run

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Former President Bill Clinton said his daughter, not his wife, would actually make a better president when looked at through the prism of long-term.

In the short-term, however, he still picks his wife, Hillary.

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“The day after tomorrow, my wife because she’s had more experience,” Mr. Clinton said, during a Wednesday televised interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, in answer to a direct question about the better candidate.

Mr. Clinton continued: “Over the long run, Chelsea, she knows more then we do about everything. … It’s highly embarrassing because she in fact does [know more]. So, I feel like I’m going to school everyday when we have a conversation.”

Ms. Clinton has been more vague on her potential of running for the White House than even her mother, Politico reported. A writer with Vogue asked her in 2012 about an eventual presidential run, and she said, “now, I don’t know.”

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