- - Thursday, September 26, 2013


I am growing sick of the endless landslide of hate flowing in the direction of Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican (“Cruz Control: Ted Cruz fights for his own victory with threat of government shutdown,” Web, Sept. 23). Mr. Cruz is acting like a Republican, while most of the other Republicans are acting like Democrats. They have ceded total defeat on Obamacare and seem to prefer not to engage in any more contests over it. Republicans are in effect telling us that we must now accept Obamacare as a reality.

Republicans have become the clowns of the 21st century. They are ineffectual, narcissistic and politically corrupt. They have betrayed their millions of constituents who expect them to fight hard, sensibly and effectively for policies that matter to them. Instead, Republicans seem to cave on practically every issue except re-election. They meet Democrat lies, posturing and demagoguery with boring facts and deflated arguments that inspire nothing but laughter and contempt. They can’t even seem to turn a single piece of Democrat-manufactured slander right back on the slanderer. It’s as though Republicans have lost all faith in their own principles and philosophy. They put up a token fight, then abjectly surrender so they don’t rock the boat.

Now comes Mr. Cruz, who is at least as disgusted with Obamacare as I am. He is determined to fight “to the last man,” as the saying goes, with whatever resources he can marshal. He is willing to give his all to accomplish something on which the Republican establishment has already thrown in the towel. What other Republican is willing to give his or her all for anything? I’m not hearing them. I’m not reading about them. I don’t think they exist. I think the Republican party is well on its way to following the dodo.


Crofton, Md.



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