- - Friday, September 27, 2013


We are again nearing a last-minute crisis on our debt limit (“Can Republicans hold the debt ceiling and balance a budget?” Web, Sept. 23). The blame rightfully falls partly on Congress, but mostly in the lap of our president.

As our chief executive, President Obama has the responsibility of leading our capital. He cannot delegate it. He can (and has) tried to shift the blame to Congress (particularly the Republicans), but even that ruse is now wearing thin. As a result of his reluctance to work with Congress, the Republicans have taken what many call a suicidal move by attaching the defunding of health care to the raising of the debt limit. The pundits are out, and the crucifixion of the GOP has begun.

I think the Republicans may still win this battle. The health care act has never enjoyed the backing of the voters, yet Mr. Obama has forged ahead, trying to will his ideology upon us. However, many voters will no longer follow him blindly. There are only days left for the public to form their opinion of today’s Washington antics. I do see the possibility of “we, the people” saying enough is enough. Should that happen, we could see another last-minute capitulation such as we did in the Syrian crisis. This would be sad for our country, and would be a direct result of voting (twice) for coolness when we should have been looking for competence.


Gilbert, Ariz.



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