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Lord, deliver us from governing by crisis, empowering us to be responsible stewards of your bounty, using judicious compromise for the mutual progress of all. Provide this land we love with your gracious protection, and may we never cease to be grateful for the numberless blessings we receive each day from your hands.

We pray, in your merciful name, Amen.

Chaplain Patrick J. Conroy’s whole prayer:

Let us pray.

Eternal God we give you thanks for giving us another day. We pause in your presence and ask guidance for the men and woman of the people’s house. Enable them, oh God, to act on what they believe to be right and true and just, and to do so in ways that show respect for those with whom they disagree. May their actions in these coming days prove to be of heroic importance and benefit to our nation and its people.

Bless us this day and every day, and may all that is done be for your greater honor and glory, Amen.