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At the same time, he noted that President Obama has approved exemptions for members of Congress and a one-year exemption to companies with at least 50 employees.

“President Obama, sadly, in implementing Obamacare, has, over and over again, disregarded the law,” said Mr. Cruz. “Right now we have a system where the rich and powerful, those with connections to the Obama administration, they get spared some of the burdens of Obamacare.”

To those who say he’s unwilling to compromise, Mr. Cruz said his position is “the essence of a compromise.”

“My position in this fight was we should defund it, which is different from repeal. And even now what the House of Representatives has done is a step removed from defunding. It’s delaying it,” Mr. Cruz said. “For all of us who want to see it repealed, simply delaying it for American families on the same terms as is being done for big corporations, that’s a compromise.”