- - Monday, September 30, 2013


The American media are using dishonest, non-investigative reporting tactics, half-truths, information blackouts, indoctrination and distraction to keep voters in the dark. We don’t know the truth about any of the recent Obama administration scandals, including government surveillance of political opponents, the lies that have been told about Obamacare or the many government violations of our Constitution.

These media are like the so-called 12th man in football, except that the strength and the one-sided advantage that come from what they are doing are more powerful than the effect of any stadium full of fans. In fact, the concerted total impact of their noisy skewing of facts, lying and reprehensible brainwashing of low-information voters is more effective against the work of honest, dedicated conservatives in the political realm than any screaming fans in a stadium would be against the visiting offensive unit of any football team.

This country cannot survive long as a free, democratic republic with a dishonest media of ideologues who keep most of the electorate either uninformed or on the wrong side of political and national debates on the issues by drowning out the truth.


Oklahoma City



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