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“It feels terrible because the only reason we’re back in the media is because there’s another potential war. We’d rather not be in the media and not be going to war,” she said.

Ms. Benjamin says that Code Pink gets a lot of public support whenever they speak out, but that people are still unwilling to join the group even if they agree with its message.

“It’s like people want us to do it for them,” she said. “They say, ‘You’re speaking for us,’ and we say, ‘No, we need to hear your voice, too.’”

A recent poll supports Ms. Benjamin’s theory that liberal activists are against the war.

A Progressive Change Campaign Committee survey released Wednesday found that 73 percent of more than 57,000 liberal activists who responded are opposed to America taking military action in Syria. The three-day survey also found that only 18 percent of activists supported strikes, while just 14 percent agreed the U.S. should take action without the support of allies.