- - Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It is most refreshing to see someone win a major golf tournament today and display a gentleman’s approach as the winner (“Henrik Stenson moves to top of FedEx standings with Deutsche Bank victory,” Web, Sept. 2). Henrik Stenson won that PGA tournament without his fist wielding in an undercut knockout motion a la Tiger Woods.

Mr. Stenson won gracefully as a gentlemen and showed no “in-your-face” outward emotion, which seems to be the norm among today’s pro golfers. I grew up when golf was a true gentleman’s game. You respected the game, and won or lost in a gracious manner. The youth of today need role models like Mr. Stenson to emulate rather than the cursing, club-throwing players such as Mr. Woods.

The most important aspect about the game of golf, after all, is not whether you win or lose — but how you play the game. We must remember that there are many successful moneymakers who are miserable failures as human beings.





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