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The pros were mixed on whether they liked the time constraint and said it could change as the season goes on and they have to do more than one dance per show.

“Now that we have a restricted time, I feel like we’re gonna get more done,” said Derek Hough.

“That I don’t like,” said Karina Smirnoff. “Four hours is tough.”

“Every single time that last hour (of rehearsal) ends up coming up with both of us going, ‘Oh no. It’s not there yet,’” said her partner Bleu.

Smirnoff said she believes as the season progresses, the rehearsals might get longer.

The one thing the audience likely won’t see is twerking, a dance that’s been in the spotlight thanks to Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

“I don’t think that’s relevant to anything that has to do with class,” said dancer Val Chmerkovskiy. “I keep it classy. I want my partners to keep it classy. Twerking is not on the menu.”