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U.S. workers “still haven’t shaken” their job fears of 2009: “Nearly five years since the start of the financial crisis, “employed Americans continue to express elevated concerns about their job security,” Gallup said Monday. August polls found that U.S. workers “exhibit the most widespread concern about having their benefits reduced, and that remains the case today, with 43 percent saying so,” Gallup reported.

“The U.S. economy looks headed for a rough autumn, with slowdown threats looming from the housing market, the Middle East and Washington,” The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Recent job gains “have been heavily weighted toward part-time positions,” says University of Maryland business economist Peter Morici. “Since January, 936,000 additional Americans report working part time, while only 27,000 more say they have obtained full-time positions,” he says. The shift to lower-paying, part-time work is “a reaction to Obamacare health insurance mandates [that] put downward pressure on wages and benefits in low-paying industries … and widens income inequality.”

These and other trends in America’s economic decline won’t change until Mr. Obama’s policies are changed. However, he’s out of the country at the moment, pretending to be a world leader, but without a following.

Donald Lambro is a syndicated columnist and contributor to The Washington Times.