- - Thursday, September 5, 2013


At this point, I feel sorry for President Obama, because whichever way he turns on the thorny matter of Syria, he will be condemned.

It is painful for civilized people to stand by while Syrian civilians, including innocent children, are slaughtered by a savage dictator who will do anything to remain in power. We know from prior ill-advised military escapades, however, that U.S. force is likely to make matters worse, that entry into Syria’s civil war would most certainly gin up renewed anti-American hatred, if not terrorism, and have the potential to light a match to the Middle East tinderbox, sparking a regional war.

We also know that any promise of a limited and brief entry into the conflict can be classified as famous last words. The only conflict in modern history that went as smoothly and that lasted as briefly as we had anticipated was the Desert Storm operation conducted under President George H.W. Bush, but it was the exception rather than the rule.

Sadly, the Syrian people are doomed, and we may be, too, if we take the bait and seek to bring stability to a region the troubles of which are beyond our ability to repair.

When Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, ran for president in 2008, he warned there would unquestionably be “more wars.” Sadly, he was right. Certainly, we are heading to Syria. So much for any “peace dividend.”


Upper Saint Clair, Pa.



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