- - Thursday, September 5, 2013


I was taught at an early age gun safety and the rules for the use of a gun. I was taught that in a serious and potentially deadly confrontation to never pick up or pull out a gun unless it is the only option for survival. Once pulled, a gun is never to be used for show, to scare or to wound someone.

When I think of “boots on the ground,” I see sons and daughters, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. I see those who have taken the extra step, who have come forward and put on the uniform and pledged with their lives to defend this beautiful country. I also see people want to live and survive as long as possible. No one plans to become a name on a wall of a memorial, and those in uniform should only be called upon when all other options have been tried — and even then only as a last resort.

When an enemy has been identified and recognized for the mortal threat it is, and when the time to pull the trigger has come, it will only be done to mortally wound, to kill the enemy before the enemy can kill any of us. Unfortunately, today those paid to be politicians have come a long way from where they should and were elected to be.


Columbia, Md.



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