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They went one-and-done in their first playoff appearance under Mike Shanahan, losing at home to Seattle in a game where the biggest memory was franchise savior Robert Griffin III crumpled on the ground with a severe knee injury late in the fourth quarter. RG3 has now had the ACL in that right knee redone twice, the first time when he was quarterbacking at Baylor. The status of that knee is always going to be the little storm cloud hanging over this team. The Redskins are being overly cautious, which is a good thing, trying to do all they can to keep him from hurting it again. Another injury might take an eraser to any hopes of staying power.

Assuming the health of RG3, there’s a lot to like about the Skins. They’ve put some very good weapons around the offense and they protect him with a still-developing offensive line that is better than people seem to think (when healthy, but you can say that about everything in football). The defense has some concerns in the secondary, but the front should be quite good.

The annual cry used to be that making the playoffs would be great. That can safely be changed to a mindset that not making the playoffs would be a disappointment.

But the Super Bowl? This season? Let’s not get carried away. That would be great, but not making it shouldn’t be considered a disappointment. Not this year anyway. Maybe soon. The Redskins seem to be moving in the right direction. Staying power, missing since the 1980s, may well be about to return.