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Montgomery had a stellar career at Tech, starting 36 games for a program that was consistently in the national rankings. He was the All-ACC center as a senior. Even with all that, the NFL was never seen as a certainty. The seventh round is right where he was projected to go in the draft, if he was drafted at all. Still a little too small, still a little too slow.

Yet here he is at age 30, armed with a long-term contract that pays him $2.65 million this season and $3.42 million next season.

It is not surprising to Stinespring.

“I knew with his resolve, he was driven to be successful,” Stinespring said. “When he came here, he found a way. I knew when he went there, he was going to find a way.”

Said Montgomery, “I’m still sticking around. I wouldn’t mind playing another seven years or so. I’ll just keep my head under the radar and keep plugging away.”