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“It didn’t seem like that many,” Welker said. “You’re just sitting there like, ‘That was seven?’ Because he’s so nonchalant about it.”

Flacco could only marvel at Manning’s seven TDs.

“That’s a sweet way to start a season,” Flacco said. “You get ahead throwing that many touchdowns. I mean, shoot, he’s almost halfway to 20 already.”

Demaryius Thomas finished with five receptions for 161 yards, Julius Thomas had five catches for 110 yards and Welker led the way with nine grabs for 67 yards.

Welker is the first receiver to catch TD passes from both Brady and Manning.

He has said he can’t compare the two pre-eminent QBs, saying that’s like choosing between Michaelangelo and Picasso.

This night was certainly a masterpiece for Manning.