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“Whether it’s mine or Tap Track of any of the other systems, the technology is fantastic,” said Eric Sorkin, of Thunder Basin Maple Works in Cambridge, who was so impressed with Smartrek that he became a distributor.

In the past, Sorkin said, the only way to increase production was to make sure sap is flowing in the system, and that meant lots of man-hours checking each line.

“With these remote monitoring systems, we can effectively lower our labor costs and increase our production,” he said.

Gagne described an incident last year when his system showed a leak where a porcupine had cut the line. Just as workers had repaired the break, Tap Track showed another leak.

“You could follow the porcupine prints right to the next line where he’d cut it,” he said. “Otherwise, it would have been a few more days before we found those two lines.”