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“It’s something we never allowed ourselves to think about going into the Olympics,” White said. “And now it’s happening to us, and we are kind of caught off-guard.”

But they are thrilled about the ascent of ice dancing and can’t wait to see where their successors take it competitively.

“Something very special is that every team has an individual style and take on what ice dance should be,” Davis said. “We are curious to see where the next wave of top ice dancers takes that combination. It’s exciting to not know what is coming up in the sport.”

But there is one thing Davis and White do know is ahead for them, albeit not competitively. There are few constraints on what they can try as entertainers, and they plan to take advantage of the freedom.

“One of the good things about shows like “Stars On Ice” is we can experiment outside the rules of competitive figure skating and ice dance,” Davis said. “Definitely, it is exciting for us to be able to create things without any limitations.”