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Look at a state like Michigan, which a GOP presidential candidate hasn’t won since 1988. Mr. Obama got 95 percent of that state’s 748,000 black voters in 2012, but his overall margin of victory there was just 449,238 voters. In other words, the black vote accounted for 158 percent of Mr. Obama’s total victory margin in the state. With only 3 percent of Michigan’s electorate Hispanic, there was no percentage of the Hispanic vote Mr. Romney could’ve received in Michigan to overcome that deficit and win the state.

Black Americans tend to disproportionately serve in the U.S. military, and have been strong supporters of marriage in all 35 states the issue has been contested at the ballot box. Yet with those values in common the same people in GOP leadership pushing for scamnesty have provided no credible outreach to the black community. Ironically, it’s actually been the allegedly “racist” Tea Party that has provided diversity through names like Allen West, Mia Love, and Tim Scott.

Look at the state of California. Prior to the Reagan amnesty of 1986, California was to conservatives what Texas is now. It was the birthplace of the Reagan Revolution, and regularly went GOP in presidential elections. In 1984, Reagan got 58 percent of the vote there and won in a rout, but after the Reagan Amnesty George H.W. Bush won the state by just three points four years later. Since 1988, no Republican presidential candidate has won the state, and four times the GOP nominee didn’t even get 40 percent of the popular vote. The percentage of registered Republicans in California has fallen below 30 percent. And keep in mind that’s California Republicans. Otherwise known as Democrats in Texas.

Speaking of Texas, since 2000 Hispanics (legal and illegal) have accounted for 65 percent of the state’s population growth. So imagine what passing scamnesty will do that state. Exactly what the Reagan amnesty did to California, that’s what. If both California and Texas are blue they would represent more than one-third of the Electoral College votes it takes to win the presidency.

Translation: Every liberty issue you care about – life, private property rights, Second Amendment rights, religious liberty, limited government, etc. – would then be in grave danger if scamnesty happens.

There aren’t any good reasons for this.

Repeat: There aren’t any good reasons for this. We can’t afford the welfare state we already have, let alone millions more newly eligible for the welfare rolls. It rewards illegality and de-incentivizes the millions currently waiting to immigrate here legally. And it not only won’t help the GOP win elections, but it will finish off whatever is left of this once grand old party.

So why does the GOP establishment want scamnesty so badly? There are only two options. Either these people are all just collectively stupid, or they really loathe their own party so much they’re out to destroy it.

(Steve Deace is the author of “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.” You can follow him on Twitter @SteveDeaceShow.)