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“The U.S. ban on aviation fuel as a ‘force multiplier’ is blatantly ridiculous at a time that Russian aircraft and UAVs are routinely flying the Ukrainian border within minutes of target,” the report said. “Again, to respond to aggressive provocation is not provocative — indeed, unanswered it incentivizes continued provocation.”

The report concludes that in addition to military aid, the Ukrainians need U.S. military advice.

“As the crisis deepens, Ukraine needs a seasoned professional American military and national security advice to assist them in making prudent and wise decisions,” the report says. “If this cannot be provided by active military and civilian professionals, plans should be made to bring in retired senior people to help.”

Three House Armed Services Committee leaders, Reps. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon of California, Michael R. Turner of Ohio, and Mike Rogers of Alabama recently introduced legislation that would boost Ukraine’s defenses.

Mr. McKeon is chairman of the Armed Services Committee, and Mr. Turner and Mr. Rogers each serve as chairman of one of its subcommittees.

Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, said Sunday that the U.S. needs to supply Ukraine with weapons.

“We ought to at least, for God’s sake, give them some light weapons with which to defend themselves,” he said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.

“So far, this administration’s not done that, but they won’t even share some intelligence with the Ukrainian government,” he said. “I can tell you from my conversations with people in the government, they feel abandoned by us, and rightfully so. This is shameful.”

White House National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said Monday “we don’t have any announcements to make today” on military aid to Ukraine.

“Our main focus continues to be on supporting economic and diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the situation,” she said. “And as the president said, we do not see a military solution to crisis.”

A Pentagon spokeswoman, Eileen Lainez, said a variety of requests for military assistance are being reviewed together with the State Department.