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• $25 for an electronic copy and $73 for a print copy of a June 2009 report by Sen. Carl Levin and Mr. Coburn looking at wheat market speculation, which can be found on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee’s website for free;

• a report from top House Republicans attacking Obamacare, for which the agency is charging a minimum of $15 but which is accessible on a number of House GOP websites — again, for free.

Also available — for a charge — are hundreds of reports from the GAO and the Congressional Budget Office. Like the congressional members’ documents, the GAO and CBO reports are all available for free on their websites, and are easily accessible through a Google search or a search at either agency’s website.

NTIS holds a database of more than 3 million federal documents, and boasts that its search functions make it easy to find documents.

Oddly enough, NTIS hasn’t updated its search function to correct GAO’s new name. Instead, NTIS lists the agency under its old name, the General Accounting Office, which the GAO discarded a decade ago.