- Associated Press - Tuesday, April 15, 2014

LONDON (AP) - Mark Rodden, Eurosport, France

“Much like Liverpool, Atletico Madrid is showing little fear in clearing every hurdle that is put before them. After another perfect week, the idea that Diego Simeone’s side could win both La Liga and the Champions League this season is not that far-fetched.”


Tito Puccetti, ESPN, Argentina

“Raheem Sterling put his full speed to the service of Liverpool, causing them to win one of the biggest games of the season.”


Marco Monteverde, News Corp. Australia

“While Napoli haven’t lived up to their Serie A form of last season, (Gonzalo) Higuain has held up his end of the bargain with some timely goals, including a weekend hat trick against Lazio.”


Cedric Rouquette, Eurosport, France

“He is currently leading Liverpool to the title. And (Philippe) Coutinho did not merely lead the game to face (Manchester) City. He scored the decisive goal.”


Federico Giammeria, La Voz, Argentina

“They played to live, as they say. This is demonstrated by (Diego) Simeone, with his Atletico Madrid. An intense life, an intense team.”


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