- Associated Press - Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Recent editorials from Tennessee newspapers:

April 14

The Post-Intelligencer, Paris, Tenn., on the last-minute legislative blitz:

The Tennessee legislature, often a puzzle to understand, is pretty predictable in some ways.

Thursday, it finally adopted a budget -the governor’s proposal was largely unchanged.

Now will come a flurry of action for a day or two or three, including passage of some of the term’s most significant proposals.

Legislators face a long list of major issues. They’ll rush to take action so that they can adjourn and return home for their election campaigns.

These issues could have been decided earlier in a more reasoned setting, but our lawmakers always put these hot items off until the last minute. Then comes a flurry of action and adjournment.

The budget action turned down a plan to award a $500 bonus to most state workers, including school teachers. Some members complained that Gov. Bill Haslam had put them in a tough spot politically by proposing a pay raise earlier in the year, but then withdrawing it because funds were short.

Among the big issues still facing lawmakers: …

- Drugs - Should stricter limits be put on sales of the decongestant pseudoephedrine because it’s a key ingredient in home-cooked batches of methamphetamine?

- Taxes - Should the Hall tax on investment income be phased out?

And there’s more. Lots more. Deciding all this stuff at the last minute doesn’t seem like the wisest course, but it’s the Tennessee way.



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