- Associated Press - Thursday, April 17, 2014

PORT ANGELES, Wash. (AP) - Filmmaker Ryan Herring is growing pot in an effort to boost his production company.

Herring, 35, and his wife, Molly, 31, have been growing marijuana for recreational use since receiving the state’s approval to do so April 8.

The hope, Herring said, is that the marijuana business, Peninsula Cannabis, eventually will produce enough money to expand his Creative Media Productions film business.

“That’s the plan, or I guess I should say that’s the dream,” he said.

Last year, Herring screened a pilot in Port Angeles for “The Olympians,” a series he co-wrote and directed, leading the filming of it on the North Olympic Peninsula.

Unfortunately, the show didn’t get picked up.

“I kind of underestimated how much it takes to take something like that and turn it into an actual series,” he said.

“Independent filmmaking is not a cash cow,” said Molly.

“It’s a passion, or I guess more like an addiction.”

Without the millions of dollars required to launch such a series, and not wanting to surrender his vision to Hollywood executives, Ryan hopes his new business will fund his efforts.

“If you look at what Francis Ford Coppola did in the ‘90s, he started his own wine company down in California and said he’s going to use it to fund his own projects, and now he’s done that, him and his daughter,” Ryan said.

“I don’t see any reason this can’t be the same sort of thing.”

The State Liquor Control Board publicly announced Peninsula Cannabis’ license Tuesday.

Growing marijuana in the old United Rentals warehouse by the closed Walmart at 3368 U.S. Highway 101 in east Port Angeles, Peninsula Cannabis is the second marijuana business licensed by the Liquor Control Board on the Peninsula.

Thomas Ash began production at this Tropic Grow operation in a barn at Dungeness on April 1.

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