- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 17, 2014

A former Mets mascot claims in his new book that in 1997 a Secret Service agent threatened to shoot and kill him if he got too close to President Bill Clinton.

A.J. Mass wrote in “Yes, It’s Hot in Here” that while working at Shea Stadium on April 15, 1997 — the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s first major league game — that a federal agent threatened to take a “kill shot” if the mascot tried to approach the president.

Mr. Mass said the agent had his sights on him as soon as he saw that Mr. Met’s enormous head wasn’t able to go through the on-field metal detector. It wasn’t long before “the man in the dark suit” approached him for a little chat.

“[He] is staring directly into the recess of Mr. Met’s mouth, knowing full well that even though he isn’t able to see inside, it’s exactly where I am looking out from. It’s hard to explain how utterly creeped out I am by this,” Mr. Mass writes, as excerpted by The Huffington Post.

” ‘We have snipers all around the stadium, just in case something were to happen,’ he says. ‘Like I said, do whatever it is you normally do. Nobody will bother you. But approach the president, and we go for the kill shot. Are we clear?’ “

“He pauses for a moment to let the words sink in, and it feels like he isn’t only looking into my eyes, but also into my very soul with his blank, unblinking stare,” Mr. Mass writes.

” ‘Approach the president, and we go for the kill shot,’ he repeats. ‘ARE—WE—CLEAR?’ “



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