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Furthermore, the NLRB decision only covers private schools because public universities are regulated separately. So if this decision stands, the NCAA could just say all of the student-athletes at private universities who unionize will be ruled ineligible, since they are no longer amateurs and now are professionals. Congratulations, kids, the prize for proving your point is now you have nothing.

Historically, collective bargaining has provided a necessary check and balance on corporatism despite the corruption within unions from the very beginning. However, nowadays most unions — especially government sector unions — are little more than mascots for the Democratic Party.

Despite Democratic policies that hurt their members like Obamacare and the failure to build the Keystone XL Pipeline, you can rest assured the union bosses will be shilling for Team Democrat this fall. College athletes already belong to a hypocritical collective that uses them for their own agenda. The last thing they need to do is join another one.

Simply compensating the athletes directly out of the NCAA’s deep pockets seems like a solution to many, but it’s not that simple.

What do you pay them and who do you pay? Since you’re not going to be bidding for players on the open market, what sets the market for a wage? Because of Title IX gender equity requirements, how do you get around not paying the women’s rowing team that generates no revenue the same amount as the football squad that generates almost all of it?

There aren’t any easy solutions here to save one of America’s favorite pastimes. Instead collegiate sports finds itself imperiled because it has fully implemented the Left’s economic vision. Collegiate sports have shown that Leftist policies can’t work in the real world no matter who’s calling the shots. Ironically, the liberals overseeing collegiate sports have exposed the liberal emperor at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has no clothes.

Now we have elites who insulate themselves from the same regulations they want imposed on everyone else, widespread cheating, the people taking the least amount of risk making the most money, and the very people they claim to care about the most are the most taken advantage of.

In other words, collegiate sports have become Obamacare.

(Steve Deace is the author of “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.” You can follow him on Twitter @SteveDeaceShow.)