- Associated Press - Sunday, April 20, 2014

SAN DIEGO (AP) - The San Francisco Giants are totally in favor of instant replay.

As soon as Xavier Nady was called safe after sliding into home plate to apparently pull the San Diego Padres to 4-3 on Chase Headley’s bases-loaded double in the third inning Sunday, Giants manager Bruce Bochy popped out of the dugout to challenge. After 88 seconds, the umpires called Nady out and a run came off the board. Replays showed Buster Posey made a swipe tag on Nady before he touched the plate.

“I like replay, and obviously it changed the game today,” Bochy said after the Padres held on for a 4-3 victory that snapped a three-game losing streak. “That’s a run on the board. It helped us win the game by getting it right.”

Tim Lincecum liked it, too, because it helped him get his first victory of 2014.

“We could have a tie game right now,” Lincecum said. “I’m just glad we were able to get an out right there. That was huge. That inning could still be going on right now. You never know,” Lincecum said.

Posey hit a two-run home run and the Giants had only three hits. Padres pitchers retired 23 of the final 24 batters and the Giants didn’t get a hit after the second inning.

The Giants had scored only one run in each of their previous three games.

Bochy’s challenge proved to be big because Nick Hundley homered off Lincecum on the first pitch of the seventh. Had Bochy not challenged, the game would have been tied.

“I knew I was going to challenge it because I thought he tagged him,” Bochy said. “Buster said he tagged him. Where he was, he had to be out. He was in front of the plate, so if we tagged him, I knew he couldn’t have gotten to the plate.”

Posey said he knew he tagged Nady.

“That’s tough at full speed, though,” Posey said as he watched a replay in the clubhouse after the game.

Bochy, a former catcher, agreed.

“It’s the toughest call to make in baseball, the play at home plate.”

Headley’s double went into the right field corner, bringing in Venable and Smith ahead of Nady’s slide.

“I was hoping he got in there or was hoping it was inconclusive,” Headley said. “That’s the great thing about replay, it takes it out of the hands of the umpire if it’s a close play.”

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