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“We’re looking for clues into what decision she’ll ultimately make and this is today’s clue,” she said. “But she’s going to be a grandmother before she makes a decision. She doesn’t have to make the decision on a hypothetical basis. The fact of the matter is no one is making any announcements on anything until after the midterm elections anyway. So I think we all need to take a deep breath.”

By Sunday morning, other political pundits had begun to shoot down the notion that a grandchild will in any way affect Mrs. Clinton’s likely presidential campaign. The former first lady has yet to formally announce a bid, though she’s already miles ahead of potential Democratic rivals in virtually all polls.

Asked Sunday whether a grandchild will make any difference to Mrs. Clinton’s political career, veteran Democratic strategic Donna Brazile said “absolutely not”

“Look, I think Chelsea and Marc will have a happy, healthy baby that will not be part of any focus group. The baby will likely call Mrs. Clinton granny at first and [eventually] madam president,” she said on ABC’s “This Week” program.