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Dan Anglin, managing partner of Edipure Brands, countered at another hearing with his own show-and-tell: containers of liquid that looked like apple juice, lemonade and water, but were in fact alcoholic beverages and bleach.

His point: That many food and drink items look like something else when they’re not in their proper packages, and that Colorado’s recreational pot edibles meet international child-resistant packaging standards.

Mr. Anglin also noted that the edibles bill would not have changed the outcome in the two deaths, noting that the 19-year-old who jumped off the balcony didn’t consume the cookie accidentally and was too young to have consumed it legally. The age cut-off for purchasing or using recreational pot in Colorado is 21.

He also had a suggestion: “Why don’t we just put a pot leaf on the label?”

Still, state legislators said they were concerned by testimony from Children’s Hospital Dr. Michael DiStefano, who said that seven children had been treated since January for symptoms related to marijuana intake. Between 2005 and 2013, that number was six.

“It’s not just about your product, it’s about keeping our public safe and keeping these products out of the hands of kids,” said Democratic state Rep. Rhonda Fields. “Because at this point, we are seeing trends, and as an elected official, I have a responsibility to make sure that the things that I do are to support good public policy as it relates to public safety.”