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This team has some weapons. Grevey, clearly, is a bit biased but he doesn’t think anybody should be surprised if Washington wins the series against the Bulls.

“When I look at the matchups, when I look at their roster, there is not one player, even [Joakim] Noah, I would take over a healthy Nene,” Grevey said. “Gortat is better than [Taj] Gibson. [Jimmy] Butler isn’t as good as Trevor Ariza. [Kirk] Hinrich and D.J. Augustin? They aren’t in the same league as Wall and Beal.

“It would be an upset if the Bulls beat the Wizards. Man to man, the Wizards are much better. The Bulls have a terrific coach and they play great defense. But I think the Wizards are going to take care of the Bulls.”

If they do, that’s only one of four necessary rounds to bring home a championship. This year? Yeah, that’s still crazy talk.

But that’s what they said in 1978, too.

“The core this team has right now?” Grevey said. “I like them a lot. I’ve been to a bunch of games this year and they’re better than their record, a lot like we were in 1978. There’s no question in my mind.”