- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Walker in 2016?”

The news media has noticed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and could very well give him the same scrutiny, for better or worse, as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie received when his White House intentions became apparent.

The word ‘frontrunner’ has appeared.

Walker is a less inviting target than Christie. He carries himself with more humility and less bravado, which isn’t difficult. And he has been cautious in speaking about issues that don’t relate directly to Wisconsin,” points out Powerline columnist Paul Mirengoff, who cites two recent polls of Wisconsin voters which give Mr. Walker a very healthy lead over Mary Burke, the Democratic challenger.

The governor recently launched his official re-election campaign with some heartland cachet, introduced by his wife Tonette and clad in jeans and a red work shirt.

“We want to reduce the dependence on government and increase the dependence on hard work and pride,” he told local fans time and again.

“I expect that, with a solid victory in November, Scott Walker will become the effective front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. By effective front-runner, I mean the most likely nominee, assuming he wants the nomination - not necessarily the Republican who polls the best in early surveys,” says Mr. Mirengoff.



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