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But those pages cover only the 3,659 “final” rules issues in 2013; there are another 2,594 “proposed” rules that required an additional 52,894 pages in the Federal Register. Still, the total 79,311 pages were less than the 81,405 pages published in 2010, the year of Obamacare’s passage.

Of course, even more major rules and regulations are in the Obama pipeline. (This is the only pipeline the president is willing to approve.)

An upcoming report from Wayne Crews at CEI puts the annual cost of federal regulations as $1.9 trillion. Try reviving an economy that must carry that load. Our rebound from the last recession has been at only half the rate of prior recoveries, because no prior recovery had to bear such a heavy load.

Some conservatives rejoice that Mr. Obama’s approval numbers are in the dumps. It doesn’t matter. To the contrary, his unpopularity goads him to push even harder to accomplish his agenda while he can, before Republicans possibly win a majority in the Senate this fall. So long as he can push his agenda in obscurity, he has a better chance to succeed.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Unless we are extra-vigilant now, we will have less liberty by the time new senators are sworn in.

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