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Not a whole helluva lot of good is going to come from the Sterling drama. A family is torn asunder, a sports franchise and sports league might not rise to the occasion, and no matter where NBA Commissioner Adam Silver throws down the gauntlet, the legal battle and name-calling — begun because Mr. Sterling allowed a woman not his wife to gain the upper hand — will likely continue.

The scorned women know he cannot be trusted.

Players, coaches and fans know, too.

As do the other 29 NBA team owners.

Who knows what they will do?

The NAACP is a different matter.

The last time dust kicked up around a major NAACP anniversary, the 50th of the Brown v. Board of Education celebration in Washington, it took the storied group a long time to come to grips with Bill Cosby’s commentary.

This year marks the 60th anniversary.

Mr. Sterling was the only man or woman in all of Greater Los Angeles worthy of a lifetime award?


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