- Associated Press - Monday, April 28, 2014

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (AP) - A spokesman says a tornado has damaged the Winston Medical Center in Louisville (LEW-is-vil), Miss.

University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson spokesman Jack Mazurak (MAZ-er-ak) says it knocked down two walls, damaged a third and caused a gas leak Monday evening.

Mazurak says a trauma patient was being sent to the university hospital, which was sending three people to assess and help locals conduct triage.

Louisville police and state officials report injuries from the storm.

Louisville is the Winston County seat and has about 6,600 residents. It’s about 90 miles northeast of Jackson.

The medical center has a 27-bed hospital, 14-bed geriatric psychiatric unit and 120-bed nursing home. There was no immediate word on how many patients it had when the twister hit or of injuries.



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