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When you follow politics, you have to admire the disingenuousness on both sides of the aisle and in the media. It never ends, be it a family-values conservative caught with his moral outrage up and pants down, or a climate-change-lecturing limousine liberal with a carbon footprint 100 times that of the average Joe.

Liberal commentator Juan Williams. When pressed on Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s very impolitic and widely panned private comments on the danger of Israel becoming an “apartheid state,” Mr. Williams said, “He didn’t say it in public.” Well, that’s taking “looking the other way” to an entirely new plane. This is the same Juan Williams who moments earlier had not been shy about taking LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling to task for Mr. Sterling’s inappropriate and racially charged diatribe (also uttered in private). Ideology does have a way of turning one’s head.

There were no remarks from Congress on this matter. Perhaps they’ve been too busy with their stock portfolios and getting their children ready to be whisked away to private schools in large SUVs while under the protection of armed security, followed by an afternoon of doctors’ appointments at non-Obamacare medical providers. If only there were a pill for shamelessness.



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