- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 3, 2014

CBS Chicago reporter Jay Levine was ambushed by an anti-Obama protester during a live broadcast on Wednesday.

The reporter was outside a restaurant in the River North neighborhood of Chicago where President Obama was scheduled to attend a Democratic fundraiser.

“Obama is a war criminal!” a protester shouted as he rammed into Mr. Levine, grabbing the microphone, Mediaite.com first reported.

Mr. Levine looked panicked as he struggled to keep the mic in his grasp. Another man, apparently part of the news team, jumps to pull the protester off Mr. Levine, just before the audio and video cut out.

“I’ve obviously gotten a little reinforcement here from one of the protesters who decided to speak his mind on live TV,” the reporter said afterwards. “Obviously that’s his right to do.”

A separate broadcast of the incident from NBC Chicago showed the unidentified man being tackled to the ground while repeating, “Obama is a war criminal.”



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